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Wickland Emergency Number: 916-978-2477
In Case of Emergency: 911
Call Before You Dig: 811
Pipeline Safety

Call before you dig!
In Case of Emergency:
  • Leave the area immediately.
  • Call 911 or your local emergency response number.
  • Call Wickland Pipeline LLC at 1-916-978-2477 and give the location of the incident.
Is Jet Fuel Explosive? No, the jet fuel transported by the underground pipeline is not a volatile material. It is similar to kerosene in that it burns, but cannot explode. Natural gas and gasoline are highly volatile fuels that can explode.

The following sign indicate a possible release of jet fuel:
  • A pool of liquid on the ground near a pipeline
  • A sheen on water
  • Discolored or dead vegetation
  • And/or an odor like petroleum products or kerosene
Pipeline Markers: Pipeline markers are placed near pipelines, but not necessarily on top of them. A pipeline marker must provide the approximate location of a pipeline, identify the material transported, identify the pipeline operator, and the operator's 24-hour emergency telephone number. However, marker signs do not provide information on the exact location, depth, diameter or number of pipelines they mark. In addition, a pipeline may not follow a straight line between adjacent markers.

The only way to exactly tell where a pipeline is located is to have Wickland Pipelines LLC locate and mark the pipeline. This is done by calling in a dig request through USAN (Underground Service Alert North) at 811.

Wickland pipeline marker
Call Before You Dig: One of the most common causes of pipeline damage is when a third party digs, blasts or drills near a pipeline. If you plan to dig or do any type of excavation or construction work, federal and state law requires you to call your local One-Call locating service. Wickland Pipelines LLC will locate and mark the underground pipeline at no cost to you. Call 811.

Excavation Safety: Underground pipelines are the safest way to move petroleum products. Statistics indicate that damage from excavation-related activities is a leading cause of pipeline accidents. If you are a homeowner, farmer, excavator, contractor, or developer, we need your help in preventing damage to pipelines. A gouge, scrape, dent, crease or other damage to the pipeline or its coating may cause a leak or break. In fact, the major cause of pipeline leaks is earth moving and construction equipment and tools owned by parties other than the pipeline company. Should you discover or cause what seems to be even minor damage to a Wickland pipeline, immediately notify us. Remember, call before you dig!

Pipeline Integrity Summary: Pipeline integrity management is a process for assessing and mitigating pipeline risk in order to reduce both the likelihood and consequences of incidents. The US Department of Transportation (DOT), having responsibility for ensuring the safe operation of the nation's pipeline transportation infrastructure, adopted federal integrity management regulations for both the hazardous liquid and the gas pipeline industries. Wickland Pipelines LLC has a comprehensive pipeline integrity management program for maintaining the reliability and safety of its pipeline systems. Proper inspection and maintenance is critical to safe and reliable pipeline operations. All of our pipelines are subject to ongoing inspections, in compliance with federal regulations.

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