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Project Development

Fuel Supply System Design and Construction

Wickland’s core competence lies in its extensive experience in permitting, engineering, construction, and operations which enables us to develop state-of-the-art pipelines at cost effective rates. Our Company expertise includes:

Project Management

Proper management of pipeline and facilities projects will result in the lowest capital cost possible and time savings in the project schedule. Most of Wickland’s Pipeline Project Team has worked together for nearly 30 years in this industry while successfully completing large & small projects alike.

Project Entitlements

Our experienced regulatory and environmental professionals bring broad expertise to our project development requirements. Wickland’s entitlement capabilities include:

  • Regulatory and Environmental Permitting including CEQA Compliance
  • Environmental Liability Assessments and Impact Mitigation
  • Route Studies and Estimates
  • Right-of-Way Selection and Acquisition
  • SWPP Plan Review and Compliance
  • Construction Impact Inspection and Monitoring
  • CPUC Permitting

Engineering & Design

Because of Wickland’s strict design and operating tolerances it is important that all design and engineering work be performed to the highest level of quality and in accordance with all applicable government regulations. Wickland’s technical experience allows close oversight of these functions resulting in our projects coming in on time and under budget.

Construction Management

Wickland directly manages all our construction projects to ensure they are constructed safely, completed in a timely manner and within budget, meet the requirements of the project drawings and specifications, and are in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws, regulations, permits and codes. Wickland’s inspectors are highly experienced and bring a wealth of knowledge in multiple disciplines, industry codes, and standards.